bump #62: hit me with your best shot

And so it begins...

Am I the only one who finds it odd that our pharmacy doubles as a liquor store? Maybe the alcohol makes it easier, you know a round of shots before your actual round of shots :)

Here's the obligatory shot of "the goods." No pun intended. Andrew and I pick a different "shots" themed song to hum while he does the injections each evening.

Bon Jovi: "Shot to the heart and you're to blame, darlin' you give love a bad name."
Pat Benatar: "Hit me with your best shot."
LMFAO: "Shots, shots, shots."
Bob Marley: "I shot the sheriff."

I gotta say, so far these shots are nothing. The Menopur one stings a bit, but I've been working hard on my muffin top for a few years now and that extra layer of padding has come in handy. I hardly feel a thing! Thanks ice cream and candy bars!


  1. Haaaaaa a pharmacy/liquor store?!??! GENIUS!!!!! I need to open up those down here!!! How exciting that everything's getting started-- glad the shots aren't too bad yet!!

  2. Glad that you get to start! I like your selection of motivational music!

  3. HA! You go girl! Menopur is definitely the worst! I'll admit the F-word escaped one night. Are you using cetrotide/ganirelex to prevent ovulation? I did cetrotide and had a small itch fest each day for half an hour after the injection, but it didn't hurt like menopur!

    I'm EXCITED for you, Bren!!!! Sooooo excited!

  4. Ugh! Menopur! That shot was worse for me than the PIO bum shot!! I'm so excited for you and will have my fingers, toes, eyes... everything (!) crossed for you, girl!! XOXO

  5. Oh this is so exciting! Oh the epic proportions of IVF meds. Thinking of you, girlie! P.S. You look gorge!

  6. You crack me up Brennie! I absolutely love reading your blogs! We are so excited for you both... and for US! Being a puppy Grandma is Awesome but a REAL Grannie is just over the top! Can't wait to hang out with you over 4th of July weekend. I will bring movies and candybars! :)


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