Thursday, August 14, 2014

bump #71: 8 weeks

The baby grew! It doubled in size again this week and is almost a whole inch long. My stomach has gained more than an inch, as have my thighs and bust, but I don't want to talk about that! I know it still looks blobbish, but there are actually little arm buds and a distinct head and body.
The coolest thing was that we actually saw the baby do a somersault and flip itself over during the ultrasound.  I don't want to brag about my obviously gifted fetus, but we may have the next Keri Strug in there! I can't wait until I can really feel our little gymnast move around and kick. So exciting!

Today we "graduated" from the extra special care of the Fertility Center. Sad face. But also happy because it means everything is progressing as it should. Phew! As a parting gift, they gave us a swag bag full of fun goodies like The Essential Pregnancy Organizer, Fit Pregnancy magazines (haha, that ain't gonna happen!), a "miracle baby" onesie, and some other cute reading materials. Here's a shot of the 8 week and 3 day bump. I still feel mostly bloated and puffy everywhere and the #2 I ate at In-N-Out right before this picture is at least partly responsible for my pooch.

In other news, today was my first day teaching first grade and I. Am. EXHAUSTED!!! Those kiddos are adorable and fun and I love them, but I cannot keep up with 31 six year olds. 

                      Is it bad that my mantra has already become "I've just got to make it to March"? 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

bump #70: 7 weeks

Baby is 10 mm or 1 cm or the size of a blueberry. Yum! 

We had our 7 week sonogram this morning and got to measure the heartbeat... 148 beats per minute. 120-180 is the normal range, so we're right smack dab in the middle.  The lines on the left of the picture are the heart rate monitor lines. There's little tiny waves at the top, it's not as flat lined as it looks. Phew!
We still haven't gotten to hear the heart beat yet, because this particular ultrasound machine doesn't pick up sound. But it's still fun to see the flicker, and gives us something else to look forward to later. I plan on buying an at home doppler so I can hear the heartbeat anytime I want to, but it doesn't usually work until around 10 weeks.

In other news, I hadn't actually selected an ObGyn since we moved back from Texas because we went directly to the fertility center, so after lots of research and several great recommendations, I miraculously got in with a fabulous doctor. In 3 weeks I will graduate from the fertility center and continue my prenatal care with Dr. Yvonne Goff. The only weird thing is they will see me at 10 weeks and then not again until 20 weeks. I'm used to at least weekly appointments thanks to the pampering of San Diego Fertility Center. Also, isn't the gender reveal ultrasound between 14 and 18 weeks? No way am I skipping that!

Everyone thinks this little baby is a girl. Everyone except me. I would LOVE a little girl, but as the oldest of 3 girls I think my family needs a little more blue in their lives. Either way, we'll obviously be so excited, but for now I'm being contrarian. Also, girls' heartbeats are normally at the higher end of the spectrum and 148 isn't that high, and the yolk sac for girls is normally on the left and mine is on the right. Any other wives' tales I'm missing?

School starts back up next week and I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day without my 2 hour afternoon nap, or every 5 minute pee breaks. I'm just thankful I've had such a productive-reproductive summer break :)  And everyone has been so nice to me and given me sweet gifts... My Aunt Vanessa gave me this awesome Mama-to-be tea and since I haven't been drinking any coffee, tea, caffeine anything the last 3 months, it's been nice to have something other than water to drink that is safe for the baby. My friend Tiffany got me yummy "bump booster" pregnancy cookies and belly butter (it's never to soon to ward off stretch marks!). My grandma made me special natural and organic household cleaning products ha! as if I clean anything :) and a whole bunch of other wonderful goodies. Thank you guys!

Save for the 5 minute ultrasounds each week, I still can't believe that this is really happening. I never thought I would get to experience pregnancy. It's cliche, but every step of the way is surreal. I honestly still twinge when I see pregnant women in the store and then I realize, "oh, I'm one of them now!" I'm noticing new symptoms each day, and rejoicing with every minute of nausea and soreness and discomfort because that means it's really happening! I am so happy to be carrying this little miracle around!