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Last week I didn't even know what that meant, and now I am frantically searching online discussion boards hoping to find some symptom or sign to relate to at "5 days post a 5 day transfer." So far it's just a bunch of hormonal, whiney women. I suppose I can relate to that.

In the world of IVF, this is my first rodeo and I don't know what to expect. 

It doesn't help that the crinone (progesterone vaginal suppository, ick.) brings a whole host of pregnancy like symptoms with it. Meaning, I can't tell if I have super sore boobs because I'm growing a human or because I overdosed on progesterone cream. Are the minor cramps I'm feeling due to implantation of an embryo, or are they a side effect of the constipation from the prenatal vitamins? Yes, TTC is super glamorous. I would just feel so much *better* if I had a classic sign like implantation spotting (none yet) or morning sickness (not even a little nauseous.) I don't really feel any different, so I don't really feel like it's working.

The beta test isn't until Wednesday, and SDFC never had me come in after the transfer to check my hormone levels, which I thought was odd. It just feels like an even longer 2 week wait, especially with no symptoms. So of course, I'm assuming the worst. This cycle is a flop and we're going to have to do it all over again. Pouty face.

I did stumble across some odd things that women wrote as initial signs that let them know they were pregnant... One lady said she had an aversion to certain smells, specifically car exhaust fumes. I don't know about you, but I don't know anyone who is particularly fond of carbon monoxide smells. Another woman wrote that she had never been so tired in all her life and was experiencing migraines. It turns out, she wasn't pregnant, she was having caffeine withdrawals. Maybe there's nothing much to the signs or symptoms and I need to get over it and be grateful that I feel normal.

Fellow IVFers: What symptoms did you experience? Did you have a 3 day or 5 day transfer? When did you take a HPT? Any advice on how to survive the 2WW?

I am SO grateful for this blog community! I love you girls!!!


  1. Ohhhh the dreaded TWW! Hang in there... It's the WORST! For me, with my BFP, I really didn't have many symptoms at all! I did have a few isolated times when I felt crampy that I was convinced were period cramps... Other than that... Nothing! My best advice is to try not to read too much into anything. Saying lots of prayers! XO

  2. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to make it through the dreaded TWW. Just try to keep your mind occupied with another project or something because you will drive yourself crazy searching the internet and analyzing (and over analyzing) every symptom, twinge, hiccup, cough, etc. As for me, I had some minor cramping like you after a 5 day transfer, but never had any spotting or even the slightest hint of nausea (till 10 weeks). As far as a HPT, I never took one cause I did an HCG trigger and was told that it could give a false positive but I could also get a false negative if my levels weren't high enough yet. So feeling like no matter what the result of the HPT, I wouldn't truly be able to believe it and wouldn't fully put a definitive end to the worry and stress kept me from taking one all together and waiting for my beta. Wishing you the best during the rest of the wait and hoping and praying that you will get that wonderful positive!!

  3. I did IVF twice got our positive on the second round! Both times I tried to not look into symptoms at all since all the drugs really do mess with you anyways. I started testing 7dp3dt on both cycles I didnt start to lose hope on the first cycle until around 10 days past then I kinda just knew it didnt work second time around I got my very first faint positive 8dp3dt and took them everyday to watch them get darker best of luck to you!!

  4. Okay, big, huge, deep breath... 5dp5dt is early still. And you're right, the meds cause side effects that are exactly like the symptoms. It's a MISERABLE cycle. My boobs hurt SOO bad, like real tears bad, and I wasn't pregnant, well I was, but my hCG was so low I doubt that had anything to do with it. And we won't ever even discuss the stomach issues... just no. I don't trust symptoms at all.

    Oh, and just to ease your mind... the hormone check is really only done with medicated TI or IUI cycles, not IVF. They've got you THOROUGHLY hopped up on meds. You had hCG injected for your trigger... that makes your body produce progesterone. Your estrogen levels were already high from the stims PLUS, you're supplementing with crinone and more estrogen. I was really worried about my levels because I had to take lupron which sucks all of the hormones out of your system... after some research I learned that blood tests don't work on crinone anyway. It's localized and doesn't circulate in the bloodstream like the PIO shots. To compare crinone to progesterone in oil in the clinic trails they gave it to women about to undergo hysterectomies... they literally removed the uterus of the woman in order to test the progesterone levels from each medication group... crinone was even better than PIO in the trials. So don't stress about the hormones or the lack of testing. They've given you enough that they KNOW you don't need more... now why they don't do that for IUI cycles I couldn't tell you, but they pull out the big guns for IVF.

    I had a day three transfer, so timing is a little different with implantation. Regardless, I never tested, but I think 8dp5dt is pretty standard, so I'd give it until this weekend at least. But that's just me, some girls like to test every day. I get WAY too down if I see one miserable, sad, lonely line and lose my ever loving mind, so I stay away from those wretched sticks.

    As to surviving the two week wait, my only thought is sleep. Two weeks of glorious sleep. I've yet to find someone willing to drug me that long, so in the mean time: stay busy, stay off google (or at least the message boards), and know that you are SO loved! We all want you to succeed, Bren! Hurry Wednesday!

  5. Hmmm...my suggestion would be find the most absorbing and distracting book or TV series you can possibly think of and devote all of your life to it for the next few days. :) My Netflix recommendations for ultimate distraction would be Scandal, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Parks and Rec, and New Girl. Book recs would be Harry Potter series, all of the popular YA dystopian series, Gone Girl (very long and will suck you in)...I can think of more if you need them. :)

  6. I'm not an IVF'er, but I have gotten pregnant twice (1 miscarriage, 1 current-8wks) through IUI's with trigger shots and progesterone (after years and years of nothing on our own). After my miscarriage, I learned to look for weird things, not standard progesterone type things. My early pregnancy symptoms are excessive thirst, insomnia/restless sleep, and lots of twinges in my ovaries.

    TWWs are the worst. It's super unfair that we can't just know right away.

    I found your blog the other day and love it; I'm rooting for you this cycle!

  7. Hang in there, Bren! I agree that progesterone can give you symptoms that you might confuse with pregnancy symptoms. (It always makes my lower back sore.) I agree with Erika - find something positive or at the very least engrossing to distract you. I know how hard this is. If that baby is sticking, that baby is sticking and there's nothing that you can do wrong to make it not stick. Wishing you the best and praying for your positive.

  8. Three time IVFer and the one BFP I felt 'off' as in light headed and nauseaous 9 DPT. I had intense cramping on the two failed cycles and light cramping on the positive. As the other ladies said- distract yourself. I also came up with a solid plan B and timeline during the 2WW just to prepare myself for a failure. Nothing helps except holding onto hope and having a plan. Good luck!!

  9. I had a 5 day transfer and had the same issues- couldn't tell if any of my symptoms were progesterone overdose vs. actual pregnancy! I think looking back, the only unusual symptom (which is consistent with pregnancy) is that I slept really hard and had crazy dreams... weird, I know. I never took a pregnancy test upon the advice of some other IVF friends- I just waited until the blood test confirmation!

    My only advise is to stay as distracted as possible, avoid the internet as much as possible, and pray as much as possible... I will be praying for you, too!!

  10. On my BFP cycle I felt nothing! Besides this weird pulling behind my belly button. Rather than that I was sure AF was coming. I didn't get nauseous or lightheaded until 6 weeks. So no symptoms is also good. Try to relax.

  11. After almost 3 years of TTC... 5 cycles of clomid, 3 cycles of injectables, we got our first positive pregnancy test with our first cycle of IVF (fresh transfer - 3 day - 2 perfect 8 cell embryos) on the 4th of July. Much to my better judgement (husband won on this one), I did not take a pregnancy test prior to the blood test and found out it was positive when the nurse called 4 hours later. We have our first ultrasound next week (fingers crossed).

    With TTC so long, I was expecting my 2ww of a positive cycle to be completly different then my 2ww of a negative cycle, but I can now say they really weren't that different. I think I had many more "signs" during my negative cycle then I did during my cycle this time. My main issues were stomach related, but I was chalking that up to the lovely progesterone.

    Good luck.. .I know it is a long wait. Just wait until you have to wait for 2.5 weeks after the test, for the ultrasound. Fingers crossed for you!

  12. The wait is totally hard. Thinking of you and hoping the time flies by. I agree with Erika…good books are my saviors. Can't wait to hear the results of your beta!!!

  13. Praying so hard for you today!


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