Wednesday, February 25, 2015

bump #88: 36 week belly

For a second I was reluctant to take "bare belly" pics due to modesty and what not, but then I remembered how for so long and so very badly, I wanted to have a baby in my belly and document this amazing time. Also, we've been attending childbirth prep classes and I'm now well aware that in a few weeks all modesty will go out the window, so I might as well prepare now!
 My mom took these pictures last weekend during her visit. Thanks MaMa! Also, please remember to delete all of the outtakes before uploading to our shared family files :)

And now for some "normal" 36 week pics...
I am going to miss this bump! I've cherished every kick and roll. Smiled with each hiccup. Sorry Ollie; I'm sure that's no fun for you, but it's a blast to watch my whole belly shake up and down! I can't believe in a few short weeks he will be in our arms... more joy than my heart can handle! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

bump #87: baby showers!

One thing I have really looked forward to, but never dreamed would happen for me, 
was having a baby shower. And last week I got TWO!!!

My mom hosted a baby shower for family and friends 
back home in San Luis Obispo on Valentine's Day.

It was fabulous! We called it a "Sweet Baby Boy" theme because we had 
a sweets table AND a treats table. So many yummy things!

My best friend, Ashley and me. My other best friend Veronica and her girls. 
My mom and sister, who are also besties :)  
 My Favorite Aunt Karen and her family came down from Santa Cruz. So good to see them! Aunt Karen completed the Iron Man Triathlon at Lake Tahoe last year.  She's incredible!
 It was such a special day with so many people that have prayed for our miracle baby. 
Such a fun celebration of answered prayers!

And then on Saturday my other best friend and college roommate, Tiffany, hosted a baby shower in San Diego for all of my friends and coworkers.  

It was a "Dashing Lil Man" theme and was absolutely adorable. Everyone had so much fun!
 My mom and I (upper left) My friend Amie lower left (we originally met in Texas but her family recently moved to San Diego YAY!) and me and Tiffers.

College roomies (upper), Audrey over measuring my belly (lower left) 
and (lower right) the best 1st grade teachers...
Being surrounded by all of these lovely ladies who have supported and encouraged me so much was absolutely wonderful! Oliver is already so, so loved and I am so grateful for my family and friends who came to celebrate with us. This week was one of the highlights of my whole life and in less than 4 weeks, Ollie is making his grand debut. YAY!!!
Sunday, February 08, 2015

bump #86: 34 weeks and peeing my pants

34 weeks sure looks glamorous, what with fake flower headbands and frolicking in fields. But don't be fooled... 34 weeks will henceforth be remembered as the week that I literally peed my pants. {Cringe} I debated sharing this debacle, but ultimately decided that this blog is about all of the bumps having to do with infertility and pregnancy, and you can now add incontinence to that list :)

It happened on Thursday, after a long day at work and running errands to get Valentine's decorating supplies for my class. Andrew and I were leaving the Costco parking lot, our final stop, and I realized I needed to use the restroom. The baby was cozily resting on my bladder and pushing it flat as a pancake. But we live half a mile from Costco and surely I could make it home. You see where this is going. I made it all the way home, through our front door and into the hall entry. And then I lost it. One wrong move and the floodgates opened. I half-hoped it was my water breaking because that's not something I can control and slightly less embarrassing. I thought of kegels and a dry desert, anything to stop the stream. No such luck.

It's like this: from the second you realize you have to pee, you are allotted approximately 30 steps to get from where you are to a potty. I pushed my luck at 35 steps and have learned my lesson. It hasn't happened again. Hooray ~ 3 days accident free. Go me! But I am keeping a change of clothes in my car just in case. I knew this day would happen, but I didn't expect it to happen so early. I've still got 6 more weeks... Guess I'll have to stock up on diapers for me AND the baby!