bump #69: the heartbeat

Today was our first ultrasound! I am 6 weeks and 2 days along and the baby measures 6 mm long. This is all so new, and it is so, so tiny, but we are clinging to hope that we will hold this baby in our arms in 8 months.

The highlight of today was seeing the baby's heartbeat. 

As sweet as it was to see the word "pregnant" on the pregnancy test, seeing that little flicker on the screen was a million times more precious. My heart grew three sizes this day!

While I was home visiting family last weekend, my mom and I scoped out yard sales and the swap meet for baby clothes. We know it's way too soon, but for 50 cents a piece we can't be stopped! Plus some of them were really cute! Not pictured are the maltese pajamas and pink tutu onesie from Costco. Those were not in the quarter pile, but we couldn't resist!

Everyone thinks the baby is a girl so we have double the amount of girl clothes. Either way, I have a bunch of friends with babies so these outfits will all get used.

So far my 6 week belly is exclusively bloat from a swollen ovary (a residual side effect of all the fertility drugs that the Dr. says will go away soon.) So no maternity photos yet. But here are a couple pics we took this week:

We just told our family in Ohio the good news and sent a card with this picture.

We saw this hilarious article featuring a husband maternity photo shoot that Andrew just had to mimic this afternoon with a "manternity" session at the pool.

You're welcome :)


  1. Congrats on seeing your baby's heartbeat. Such a precious moment!

  2. EEEK I am just so thrilled for you THREE!!

  3. Y'all are hilarious! Manternity... heh heh!

    I'm so happy for you, Bren! I had started to doubt that IVF worked the first time for anybody any more... so glad you turned out to be a one hit wonder! : )

  4. AHHHHHH... so amazing! So, so happy for you!

  5. AHHHH this is great!!! Yay cute little heartbeat!!! And high for to Andrew for doing a manternity shoot!! I saw that article/pictures and it was HILARIOUS. And if I do say, Andrew looks a lot better than the guy in the other shoot. ;)

  6. Yay! So happy for you, Bren! That's funny that you have double the amount of girl clothes - I was going to tell you that my guess is that you're having a girl! Looks like I'm right on board with everyone else ;) XOXO


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