bump #71: 8 weeks

The baby grew! It doubled in size again this week and is almost a whole inch long. My stomach has gained more than an inch, as have my thighs and bust, but I don't want to talk about that! I know it still looks blobbish, but there are actually little arm buds and a distinct head and body.
The coolest thing was that we actually saw the baby do a somersault and flip itself over during the ultrasound.  I don't want to brag about my obviously gifted fetus, but we may have the next Keri Strug in there! I can't wait until I can really feel our little gymnast move around and kick. So exciting!

Today we "graduated" from the extra special care of the Fertility Center. Sad face. But also happy because it means everything is progressing as it should. Phew! As a parting gift, they gave us a swag bag full of fun goodies like The Essential Pregnancy Organizer, Fit Pregnancy magazines (haha, that ain't gonna happen!), a "miracle baby" onesie, and some other cute reading materials. Here's a shot of the 8 week and 3 day bump. I still feel mostly bloated and puffy everywhere and the #2 I ate at In-N-Out right before this picture is at least partly responsible for my pooch.

In other news, today was my first day teaching first grade and I. Am. EXHAUSTED!!! Those kiddos are adorable and fun and I love them, but I cannot keep up with 31 six year olds. 

                      Is it bad that my mantra has already become "I've just got to make it to March"? 


  1. 31 kids?!?! Good grief! That sounds overwhelming!

    Happy graduation, Bren! Glad to hear everything is going so well! So happy for you!

  2. Your fertility clinic is so nice to give gifts!!!

  3. Super happy for you! yeah, happy graduation! Does the 171 hb indicate girl or boy? It was significantly higher than last time. maybe doing that somersault did it! :)
    Your classroom looks awesome! I hope the kids are appreciative and good. After 3 months you won't be so tired.......and by 4 months, (or so), you will feel baby move and even know the sex! :)
    Love and prayers,

  4. I thought 21 kindergarteners were exhausting! But 31!!?? Girlfriend I think my motto every year would be I just have to make it till June. But you've only got till March! Woo Hoo!
    I'm jealous of your in & out. We live on the east coast and aren't privy to it. But I sure do love me a double double! Congrats on your brillant baby! Prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy!

  5. Happy first day of school!

  6. Happy graduation !! That's awesome that ur clinic gives u a parting gift.


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