bump #85: 32 weeks and sick, sick, sick

sick sick sick.
No 32 week bump photos this week. Just kleenex and cough syrup. 
This is the worst flu season EVER! I have had 3 different colds/flus in the last 6 weeks, have been sick more days than I've been well, and today I woke up with pink eye. Peachy. After getting nowhere at urgent care last week (I tested negative for strep throat so they said "drink fluids and rest" and sent me on my merry way), I went to my primary care doctor today. He prescribed me amoxicillin for a sinus infection, a whooping cough booster shot because that's going around my school right now, and a topical cream for pink eye (also going around at school.) I somehow have to get through 4 more weeks of work, then I'm out for 4 weeks on disability followed by a 6 week maternity leave. So close, but so far away! I love my students, but man are they germ factories! I can't catch a break.  I'm reluctant to take antibiotics, but it feels like I'm getting worse and worse each day, so I don't have much choice. I'll take the meds, pray for extra protection for the baby, and hopefully get better fast. I need to be healthy and ready for delivery in a little over 7 weeks. Yikes! That's coming up fast!

Even though the last few weeks have been riddled with coughing and congestion, there has been some fun. We set up our baby registry and started our birthing and infant care classes at the hospital.

The MamaRoo bouncer seat and Britax travel system were highly recommended and added to the list. We had fun pushing all the strollers around Babies R Us. So far we like the B-Agile 4 stroller with the B-safe carseat. Everyone I know raves about the BOB jogger, but I think it's a little too athletic for me... Let's be honest, I'm no sporty spice! It's been so fun to research baby gear and start putting the nursery together. He's going to be here before we know it!

Are there any baby must-have items you would recommend? 


  1. Ew, sorry you've been so sick!!! That sounds horrible!! Andddd...yes. Rock 'n Play. Summer Infant Swaddle blankets. A good video monitor (we have a Motorola one). Nose Frida.

  2. Rock and play, nose Frida, lots of burp rags - I love the plain white diapers that feel like gauze before you wash them, halo sleep sack/swaddles, did I say rock and play and nose Frida? Nose Frida is gross in theory but gods gift to sick littles. It works so much better than any other aspirator out there. And when your little is sick, you will do anything to help them feel better. Even sucking their snot. Don't worry there's a filter but I've never had the snot come anywhere near the filter.

    1. The nose Frida is amazing.. my grandson had RSV and it worked great... Don't forget a boppy for feeding and a gym/playmat ... Rock and play is a must too. Congratulations!

  3. 7 weeks?!?!? How did this happen? I think this has been the fastest pregnancy ever. I'm sorry these last weeks have been filled with so much sickness. Maybe make a career week and have the kids be nurses and doctors all week and wear face masks and gloves... parents probably wouldn't appreciate that, but geez three colds/flu in any season is just too much. : ) Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. I've been told the rock & play and aden swaddles! Can't wait to see your nursery pics.


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