bump #90: Oliver is here!

 On Thursday, March 19, Oliver made his grand debut!

He is absolutely precious, super alert, very happy, loves having his picture taken (obviously!)
and THE BEST THING that has ever happened to us.
We stayed at the hospital from Thursday morning through Sunday night and they took excellent care of us. This is our first full day at home and we are so grateful to have my mom staying with us the next two weeks to cater to our every need help in every way. She has been wonderful at taking ALL the pictures to document this amazing time and I can't wait to share them with you... if I ever catch up on sleep enough to upload and post them :) 

We are loving every moment of new parenthood and just can't stop looking at him. For reals!
We haven't slept in days because we don't want to miss a single second.
Here is our first official photo as a family of THREE!

Oliver is really here and he is really ours and we are really blessed! Thank you for all of the prayers that brought us to today... his due date. So glad he came out early so we could spend even more time with him!

Coming up... Oliver's birth story and why a C-section was the way to go.


  1. Yaaaaayyy!!! Congratulations and welcome to the world, cute Ollie!!!

  2. Family of three??? What about the little white ones?

    And after that last photo, I do have to say that only YOU can look so pretty after such an intense surgery!

    Love you Bren!
    Congratulations on the new Hoaglet!! This new chapter of your life is going to be such a blessing!!


  3. Wooooo! Congrats Bren! He's super handsome! Enjoy those baby snuggles!

  4. Congrats, he is adorable!!

  5. Congratulations!! He's adorable.

  6. Yay! He is perfect and an answered prayer indeed- so glad he made it here safely and soundly! And can't wait to read more about his birth story and newborn adventures :)

  7. He is absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn't be able to sleep, either, with that handsome face to gaze at! Congratulations, so glad he is here!

  8. Congratulations! He is a handsome little man. Love those pictures. Can't wait to read his birth story.

  9. Oh my goodness, he is ADORABLE! He shares a birthday with my Landon Jay who was born a year ago on 3/19/14 and he weighed 6#10oz and 19" long... so much alike! Oliver is adorable and I am SO happy for you. Thank you for sharing the pictures and I am glad he is here safely!!!

  10. Congratulations! He is precious! Enjoy these sweet, precious moments mama!

  11. he is beautiful and perfect! He was born on my due date. Still waiting for our arrival at 41 weeks tomorrow. Sigh. Can't wait to hear his birth story.


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