bump #88: 36 week belly

For a second I was reluctant to take "bare belly" pics due to modesty and what not, but then I remembered how for so long and so very badly, I wanted to have a baby in my belly and document this amazing time. Also, we've been attending childbirth prep classes and I'm now well aware that in a few weeks all modesty will go out the window, so I might as well prepare now!
 My mom took these pictures last weekend during her visit. Thanks MaMa! Also, please remember to delete all of the outtakes before uploading to our shared family files :)

And now for some "normal" 36 week pics...
I am going to miss this bump! I've cherished every kick and roll. Smiled with each hiccup. Sorry Ollie; I'm sure that's no fun for you, but it's a blast to watch my whole belly shake up and down! I can't believe in a few short weeks he will be in our arms... more joy than my heart can handle! 


  1. LOVE the belly pics!!! You are just ridiculously cute!

  2. Your belly is so sweet! Happy 36 weeks mama.

  3. Aww how cute! You look stunning! He's almost here.


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