bump #92: Out and about with Ollie

Ollie's first two weeks have flown by and we have taken advantage of his mostly easy-going personality by showing him the sights in San Diego.
That means lots of beach days!
La Jolla Shores

My wonderful mom stayed with us for 2 weeks after Oliver was born and took ALL of the pictures documenting this super special time... over 8,000 pictures total!

Coronado Island

Hotel Del Coronado
Downtown San Diego and the bay

Baby feet at the beach

We also visited the pediatrician for Ollie's 1 week check up. He did great until I picked him up and his umbilical cord got stuck and detached on my dress. Gross! (see picture) My mom and I freaked out and 3 days later it got infected and we were back at the doctor's office. Coincidentally that was also the day he got a rash from one of his swaddle blankets, his circumcision ring was irritated and half falling off, and he had his first poo poo diaper blow out in the car and there were no extra outfits in the diaper bag, so we showed up looking pretty pitiful. Mom of the year right here!

When I wasn't frantically running to the pediatrician's office, we managed to get out for a walk with my best friend Tiffany and her daughter Kynlee.

We also stopped by my classroom right before school went out for Spring Break.
We gave my students little birth announcements and "it's a boy" candies.
My 1st graders were so excited to see the baby. But no touching! He stayed safe in his stroller.
We also took Oliver to Andrew's Composition class at Point Loma. He's college ready!

My friends from work had a karaoke party and, of course, we brought Ollie there too. He liked our rendition of Britney's "Baby One More Time" and Whitney's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody."

We took some "2 weeks old" pictures at the park. Oliver has tons of cute little boy outfits and suits with ties and the like, but they're size 3 months and he is still in newborn size. Everyone told me he would grow out of them before he got to wear them so we're putting him in them now even though he is swimming in them. He is long and lean (foreign to me!) so dressing him is a little tricky. He's a champion eater (exclusively breastfeeding so far) so hopefully he'll get chubbier soon and fit in his clothes. 

It was so nice having my mom here! But eventually she had to go back to work. Boo. So she went back home on Easter Sunday morning and Andrew's mom arrived on the train that afternoon. We have been so spoiled with all this extra help from the grandmas and we are loving it!

I've been getting lots of baby smiles lately.

And I don't know what this is about, but Oliver often inadvertently flips the bird.
Maybe his not so polite way of letting us know he's over the photo shoot? 

 His eyes are still gray, but turning more blue everyday.

He's got a big head like his dad and is already growing out of his beanies.
He has a strong grip and loves his Sophie Giraffe. 
He's not a fan of tummy time, but likes laying on his back and taking in the surroundings.

He loves his MamaRoo bouncer and we often put him in it to sleep at night...
for his two hour stretches of sleep between feedings.
 He loves his doggies.
I made a "walliver" a wall of photos of Oliver. We're going to need a bigger apartment!

It's only week 3 and Oliver has already completely changed our lives in all the best possible ways. We are so in love!


  1. Aww I'm so glad u are enjoying eveey invite with him.

  2. Oh how precious! He is absolutely adorable, you look amazing, and I am so happy for your little family! Soak up every moment because it goes by SO fast and you will miss it!

  3. Adorable!!!!! I'm obsessed with the pic of all your toes in the sand!

  4. AHHH so sweet!!! What a cute and well-traveled little nugget!!


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