bump #97: travelling with a baby

Welcome back! Hope your Summer has been some combination of relaxing, exciting, eventful, etc.! We spent much of the Summer travelling with Oliver... long road trips to visit family, camping in the mountains, driving up to Monterey Bay Aquarium, a few fun beach and pool days, and walks around the lake. Overall, this little guy is a trooper! He loves being outside and is generally pretty content. Unless he has to be in his car seat for longer than 30 seconds. Then all bets are off! I see limited road trips in our future, but we had a good run while it lasted.

What are your tips and tricks for travelling with little ones? We take turns sitting in the backseat with him and I try to postpone nap time so he will sleep in the car, but that often backfires and results in much weeping and gnashing of teeth. This time it worked out alright...

I can't believe our little guy is 5 months old already! Between work, moving, and travels, this lil blog has been quite neglected so here are a few pics from the last couple months to catch up...


Bobby and Oliver best buds!
Daily walks around the lake with dad.
Swimming in the pool.
 Beach days with Grandma and Grandpa
Ollie's first camping trip

Oliver's dedication at Mountainbrook Church
 Monterey Bay Aquarium with Great Grandma and Grandpa

 And lots of beach days with mom and dad

For reals though, how do you all successfully travel with littles?


  1. Aww! He's grown so much and gets cuter everyday

  2. Thankfully C&C both did ok in the car when they were babies... the pacifier helped Clara for sure. Otherwise, I would either sit back there to entertain them or play something on my phone to distract them. I would also sometimes turn the white noise on my phone and put it right up their ears to get them to conk out :) It will get easier as he starts to be interested in (a) food and (b) TV :)

  3. He is precious!! Looks like such a fun summer!


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