bump #29: remembering to have a sense of humor

My husband posted this on facebook and I actually found it to be quite hilarious given the books that I have on my bookshelf...

Without further adieu...

1. Before Your Pregnancy... with a chainsaw
2. Making Babies... with a chainsaw
3. A Few Good Eggs: 2 Chicks Dish on the Insanity of Infertility... with a chainsaw.
4. Pregnancy for Dummies... with a chainsaw

{Just to prove not EVERYTHING I read is about infertility and babies here's a few more}

5. The Fat Flush Plan... with a chainsaw
6. The Great Divorce... with a chainsaw
7. In the Dressing Room with Brenda... with a chainsaw
8. Training Your Dog... with a chainsaw

And this one for the win...

Taking Charge of Your Fertility with a chainsaw.

Let it be known that infertility has robbed me of many things, but my sense of humor is firmly intact!


  1. HA the last one made me laugh out loud! Although I think my favorite is "Training your dog with a chainsaw"- too funny!

  2. HAAAA!!! That is super awesome. SOMEONE needs to take charge of my fertility with a chainsaw...whatever they doin currently AIN'T WORKIN, so...next option, please!!

  3. Bahahahaha!!!! This made my night! You are too funny Bren :)
    Love you and miss you!


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