bump #38: needles

So part of the protocol for this month's iui is injectables (75 units of follistim per shot) for 3 days. Today was day 2 and the shots haven't been too bad {a little worse than the ovidrel shot, but still not too painful}.   I finished 5 days of clomid and had no side effects, which worries me because that makes me think it's not working. The only thing I've noticed with the follistim is that it makes me sleepy, but I do the shot at night so it could just be correlation not causation. Yawn

I have an ultrasound on Friday morning to check on the size of the follicles so until then, who knows if any of this is working?!

In other news, my mom is coming to visit this weekend! {So Super Excited!!!} We will have to do our insemination while she's here, which is totally fine, but perhaps a little awkward for her.

Ok, so when I told her about it, her response was "I am so sorry, I am coming at the worst possible time... you need your "quality time", don't worry though, I'll just turn the tv up really loud."

So funny!

Hopefully I reassured her that she doesn't have to worry about interrupting anything. We're doing iui because "quality time" {normal baby making way} doesn't work for us. But I thought what she said was hilarious, so I had to share it :)


  1. Ha that is too funny about your mom- you should try to turn the IUI into quality time anyway... maybe a little mood lighting and some music? I'm sure the doctor won't mind! Ha!

  2. WOW, I really hope you both read those instructions/warnings in their entirety. In all of the languages provided. And also- love your mom. But apparently she doesn't really "get" your infertility treatment if she thinks it's all taking place in the boudoir... ;)

  3. Oh mom! That's hilarious! I like Amanda's idea; you should totally show up for the IUI with your iPod playlist and some candles! Super hopeful that everything is working and that Friday's appointment goes well. In my experience, side effects don't correlate with what's going on. The month I felt the worst, nothing had happened, the month that I went in going "I don't think there's anything down there" she interrupts to say 28mm. huh? just wait and see!


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