bump #41: what do all these numbers mean?

Monday I had bloodwork done and here are the results:

Progesterone:  Ideally should be >20, last month was 25, this month is 56. {I'm thinking the progesterone supplements are working}

Estrogen: Ideally should be >200, last month was only 134, this month is 898 {yes, you read that right. almost 900. Good news: no more estrogen patches!}

I asked what these higher numbers mean and the nurse told me that I definitely ovulated (I would hope so, I took the ovidrel shot to be sure!) and that I possibly ovulated more than one egg (duh, there were like 5 of them, remember?!) and lastly, that my uterine lining is looking good for implantation.

Sounds like all good news, but we won't really know how good until our pregnancy test on Monday. Which is like 5,345,897 days away. Until then, I will continue eating for 6, as per Erika's suggestion :) and hope that there's at least one little munchkin in there. Or a big, fat turkey as the case may be.

And once again, my mom has left me in stitches with her email response to all of this:
"Yayyyy on the high numbers! OctoMom has got NOTHING on You!
Hehe, I am really excited and hopeful. The good news is we will know in a week.
I know every day seems like a year, but it will be here before you know it!
 Ooohhh, I wonder if the high estrogen numbers mean four little ones!? ...Like 200
points each. Maybe we will get four and a tea cup! *
 Just kidding, I can't help but be excited!"

*Sidenote: tiny dogs, like less than 2 lbs, are called "tea cup" size. And if this whole infertility thing keeps causing me grief I just might start collecting little tea cup doggies until I feel better.
Here's Maddie when she was 4 weeks old and could fit inside a tea cup...


  1. I'm praying for you!! By the way, teacup puppies are awesome. I had a self birthday gift 5 years ago, which became my bestest little battle buddy, a tea cup chi. Still have her. My numbers were close to yours taken a few hours before I ovulated. I think they were higher, but I'm guessing it didn't stick. Tomorrow is 13DPO and I'll have a blood test... HPT said negative today. I'm praying for us both!!

  2. That's all great news! Can't wait to find out if you're having your own little litter :)

  3. Whoa girl, those numbers look great! I can't believe Amanda just referred to your in-utero family as a LITTER. Like she's not pregnant with twins or something. Sheesh!!! :)


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