bump #80: choosing baby's name

Truth be told, we've had these names and more picked out for a long time now. Years. So the second we found out that our baby was a boy, we started calling him by name.

Oliver Vance
"Ollie Bear"
I always liked the name Oliver and Vance is Andrew's middle name and a family name passed down for generations. Easy. Plus, it turns out I love names with v's in them so it works perfectly!
I don't really care about name meanings and such. But I remember looking up the meaning of the name Oliver at one time or another and being laughably surprised to learn that it's Germanic roots mean "Elf Army." How fitting, being that I'm of such short stature!  Perhaps it's just a clue that he will be way into Lord of the Rings and one of my favorite Will Ferrell Christmas movies. Needless to say, that certainly wasn't enough to cross it off my list. For more hilarious oliver=elf information click here
Oliver also means "Olive Tree" or peace and reminds me of the story of Noah in the Bible. He releases a dove hoping that it will come back with signs of life. The dove returns with an olive branch, which, to me, symbolizes hope.
To me, Oliver means hope.
Hope that we would have a family, hope that God would work a miracle, and hope for the future.
I haven't gotten a good enough look at our little Ollie to see if he has elf ears, but here's hoping...
that he doesn't!


  1. It dawned on me the other day that I'm submitting our names for babies born SOON, and yet I have no names ready. None. We talked about names years ago... like years and years ago, but about two years into the infertility madness I just stopped. I stopped looking, thinking, planning. I have no plans for a nursery or a name... kind of weird, right? I love that your plan is coming together and that Oliver Vance has been hoped for and dreamed of by name for years.

  2. Haha I totally have to laugh at this because my name means "ruler of elves" haha!!

  3. Haaaaa Elf Army?! And Aubrey is Ruler of Elves?! That is TOO funny. All elves aside, though, I love Ollie's name!! And your girl names are fabulous, too!

  4. Oh yes! We have names but they seem to change over the years. Lol I'm sure when the time comes we will settle or agree on one.


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