bump #81: 24 weeks

 24 weeks, baby!

I thought I was already so huge, and then POP! I got even bigger! But the bigger I get, the bigger the baby gets, and he is growing strong and healthy in there, so I am absolutely thrilled and waddling around with pride :)

We had our 23 week 3-d ultrasound November 25 and it was so amazing to see our little Oliver moving around.

He lays on his back with his head on the left side of my stomach and his feet on the right. He keeps his feet crossed and his hands tucked up by his face like a bunny. He was in the same position last time we had this ultrasound at 14 weeks. Soon he's going to run out of room in there!

You can see the umbilical cord wrapped around his little legs below.

At one point, he rolled over as if to say he was done with the photo shoot. 
Uh oh, he better get used to having his picture taken all day everyday!

 We got to see him stretch and work on his dance moves.
 He's often deep in thought!
 Sometimes he sucks his thumb.
 And pulls on his umbilical cord.

 I feel lots of kicks all day long and it is MY FAVORITE thing in the world!

In fact, I'm the opposite of the typical pregnant lady who doesn't want strangers touching her belly. 
I'm like "Oh, he's kicking right here! Feel this! Wow!" and I make anyone who's near me feel my belly. 
I'm sure they're over it by now, but I can't help it! This is the best... until I get to meet him and hold him in my arms. I can't wait!!!


  1. You look amazing. Glad you are enjoying your pregnancy.

  2. Oh my gosh, LOVE this!! Your 4d pictures are so much better and clearer than all the others I've seen! I feel like I can actually SEE him and I'm not even as creeped out by the alien-ness of it!! Love the deep thinking and thumb sucking particularly!! (Also, I think it's so weird that so many (all??) babies seem to suck their thumbs in utero but then it takes them 4 months to figure out how to do it again outside the womb. Mystery....)

  3. So cool!! And I was the same way- didn't mind at all if people wanted to touch my stomach, and was always making people feel it when Clara had hiccups (which was all the time)! So glad things are going well!

  4. Oh my goodness, I can already see how much he looks like you! This seals it; I need to get a 3D ultrasound :) You look adorable, and yay for being huge with big babies! I'm in the same boat and waddling everywhere with my achy back and huge everything!

  5. Your u/s pictures are so clear! I love the one of him lying on his belly. His little bent leggies- so cute!!! Congratulations!! My belly was huge too but I loved every second of it and it goes away so quickly once he's here!!

  6. So precious! He's a cutie and so is your bump. Where did you get your 3D ultrasound done and how much was it? Hope you don't mind me asking but we may do ours when we are in the San Diego area this month.

  7. You. Are. Adorable! I mean, cutest pregnant lady ever award definitely goes to you!

    Congrats on viability! SO happy for you, friend!


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