bump #89: 38 weeks and scheduling a c section

Andrew is on Spring Break this week, and we've been lucky to get some warm, beautiful beach days in. Here we are in La Jolla with a 38 week bump:

Here we were at the same beach the day before our transfer back in July:
What a difference 8 months makes!
We are so grateful to have made it this far. Oliver is doing great and growing strong. At my 38 week appointment today the doctor said he probably already weighs in the high sevens and, although he is head down, his head is resting on my right hip so he is still not in the "engaged" position over my cervix as he needs to be for delivery. We still have 12 days until our official due date, but each week when doctor checks me, everything is still very high and very closed. I was hoping my big, wide birthing hips would finally come in handy for birthing this baby, but it appears that my teeny tiny cervix plays a more crucial role, and it ain't budging. Up until this point we had planned on a natural delivery (I kid, natural with a big, fat epidural) and our doctor always agreed we could plan on a vaginal birth.
Until today.
Today she examined me and delicately suggested that we start thinking about the possibility of a cesarean delivery. She explained that if we still wanted to go natural we could wait as long as 42 weeks and see if Ollie shifts into position. Keep in mind he's already almost 8 pounds, so by the time 42 weeks rolls around I might have a toddler walking around in there!  She also mentioned that while vaginal birth is typically ideal, I have a succenturiate lobe on the placenta that complicates the safety of vaginal delivery. The number one thing I want to avoid is going through days of labor and then having to get an emergency C-section anyway when my body is weak and exhausted. This isn't how I envisioned bringing baby boy into the world, and recovery time is going to be brutal, but none of this process has gone according to plan and God has still been faithful every step of the way.
Tonight we are praying and thinking about what is best for our family. We will most likely call tomorrow morning to schedule a C-section at the end of next week. Either way, we are meeting our baby boy soon and cannot contain our excitement!


  1. U still have that glow on ur face even before u got pregnant. U look extremely happy. Hope Ollie shifts into ur cervix and starts ur labor.

  2. You look great, Bren. My blood pressure went through the roof yesterday so I'm on bed rest and jealous of your beach outing. Hoping you find peace with whatever you decide - c-section or waiting it out. It's so hard to know what's best in these situations. But either way, I can't wait to meet Oliver soon.

  3. So exciting he will be here soon! I started following your blog when you found out that you were pregnant. I can't believe it's been that long!! Shift Ollie shift! I had a c section after 31 hours of labor with4 hours of pushing. No fun. I hear that scheduled c sections are a much easier recovery. Praying for a safe delivery, of any kind. Hugs!

  4. Eek, so exciting! I'll be praying for discernment and peace! And I had a great experience with my scheduled c-section, so happy to share any feedback if you have any questions!

  5. Yay! So soon! Birth "plans" never go as planned in my opinion. Our babies have their own plans in mind ;). I had a c section under general and the actual recovery from the c section was the least of any of my complications or difficulties post delivery... Praying for a smooth delivery and the absolute best in the days to come!

  6. Eeeeek so exciting!!! I totally agree that the laboring-forever-then-getting-a-c-section-anyway sounds miserably awful, so a nice scheduled one seems far preferable!! I can't believe how soon you'll get to meet him!!!!!!


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