bump #105: 25 week ultrasound

My favorite thing about pregnancy is when the baby kicks and moves around. I still find myself stopping everything to hold my belly and smile when Everett starts his gymnastics routine. But my second most favorite thing about pregnancy is, of course, the pictures...

Here are some photos from our 25 week ultrasound at The Ultrasound Experience.

**Huge THANK YOU to my parents for (once again) gifting us with the "triple the fun" 3 visit package. We get to see Everett again next month :) **

We love him so much already!!!
He looks JUST LIKE Oliver!!!
My momma heart is bursting with joy!!!

Next week is the gestational diabetes glucose screening test and then in February we have another ultrasound to check if the cyst issue has resolved. My last doctor's appointment went great and Everett seems to be happy and healthy so we are praising God for keeping him safe.
Thank you for prayers!


  1. Gah! The ultrasounds we're my favourite too. Its amazing how much you can see. Definitely miss the baby kicks!


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