bump #106: an update on our BIG baby boy

This morning was our 32 week "growth scan" ultrasound to check on the choroid plexus cysts that were seen on Everett's brain at the 20 week anatomy scan. So basically, we've been holding our breath for the last 3 months, praying that our sweet baby boy would be healthy, and that the cysts would dissolve.

Once again God answered our prayers! No CPCs anywhere! And all lab work came back negative for any markers of chromosomal abnormalities that often accompany choroid plexus cysts. So double praise!

We also learned some BIG news about baby Everett... mostly that he's HUGE!!! He already weighs 4 1/2 pounds, is measuring 35 weeks along, at least his head is :), and he's breech. That explains why I have trouble breathing sometimes... his head is wedged into my ribs! It does make for amazing kicks and belly waves though! This is how I woke up yesterday morning... So crazy, but it's the BEST!!!

I got a few pictures from this morning's appointment, but admittedly, I can't tell you what they're of! I mean I can make out a hand and a foot in one of them, but the rest look like random blotches.

Luckily, we got these pictures from our last 4-d ultrasound at 30 weeks. Everett was snuggled up next to the placenta so it was hard to get a clear shot of him, but so fun to see him! He looks just like Oliver did!

sucking his thumb

tugging on the umbilical cord... "Can I get some womb service please!"

Deep in thought or perfecting his glamour photo pose... just needs a fluffy feather boa and some blush!

holding onto the umbilical cord.

As of today, Everett will be delivered via c-section on Thursday, April 21 at 9:00 am. That is only 7 weeks from right now... Too much to do!!! I asked the doctor if she thought he would come early since he's running out of room in there, but she's pretty sure we'll make it to at least 37 weeks. We'll see! Oliver only weighed 6 lb 15 oz at birth. Andrew and I have a bet about how much Everett will weigh. I may have to change my prediction after this morning's revelation. I hear babies gain a pound a week in the last few weeks. Yikes! I think he'll be 20.5" and weigh 8 lbs. Andrew thinks he'll be 21" and weigh 8 lbs 5 oz. Winner gets a dozen donuts! Oh that reminds me, by nothing short of a miracle, I passed my glucose test and don't have gestational diabetes. Phew! So much to celebrate!!!


  1. YAY so thankful he is doing well (and you are, too)! And TimeHop just showed me a picture of me at 32 weeks pregnant with the twins this morning- yay for April babies :)

  2. This is still just so amazing! I can't believe you're a month away from giving birth AGAIN! So wild! So thankful Everett is healthy (and huge). Hope you can enjoy these last few weeks as a family of three and enjoy celebrating Oliver's birthday!


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