bump # 20: this break won't end

Taking a break from infertility sounded good in theory. 

Too good.

As if you could simply push something so pervasive from your mind voluntarily.

But come on, we all know that taking said break was really code for "Fertility Center of San Antonio is overbooked this month, so bren's bum uterus is on the backburner."

I hate the back burner. It's where yucky stuff like okra goes. Gross.

Knowing that there is no way (nothing short of a miracle) that we can attain pregnancy before undergoing hysteroscopy (getting that okra-like polyp out of my uterus), and of course no guarantee even after that, I am SO OVER THIS BREAK!!!

Can we just call it what it is... a whopping waste of time.

Everything is getting pushed so far back.  I keep losing months.  Even after that surgery I have to complete a round of birth control while everything heals. Another month gone.

My reproductive system is synonymous with birth control.

Listen up reproductive system - your break is almost over and when it is, you better kick it into high gear to make up for all this lost time!


  1. I'm going to dispense some cliche advice that I have to tell myself every day: just try to take it one day and a time and be thankful for the "time off." Remember that every season has a purpose- even this one!

    Ok I'm done. Now I'll just agree with you and say that this stinks and I hope for your sake that the rest of the "break" goes by quickly for you!

  2. Ummmm...I will just say that the taking birth control would drive me absolutely INSANE. I mean, I get why they want you to...and yet, I think I would throw up if I tried to choke down that pill. I'm worried they'll want me to do it to help shrink my cysts. And I will punch them in the face.


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