bump #32: relaxing didn't work

No surprise there.
Turns out infertility thrives on inaction or "relaxing" so there will be NO MORE OF THAT!

For this next cycle, it's back to medical intervention.

 IUI #2 (intrauterine insemination)
or the turkey baster method. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it's fitting!

The good news is that we have done this before so we know what to expect.
The bad news is that we have done this before and it didn't work.
Hopefully the hysteroscopy in July removed that obstacle.

Our doctor recommended undergoing 3 IUI's before moving on to higher level infertility treatments. There is nothing magical about the number 3, he just said that usually if nothing has happened by that point, it is in our best interest to pursue a different course of action. Which could be another surgery: laparoscopy to diagnose/remove endometriosis or another hysteroscopy if more polyps are present. The earliest he has seen polyps return after being surgically removed is 10 months. But leave it to my state of the art uterus to set a new record on that... please do not accept that as a challenge, uterus.

Here's hoping that IUI #1 was first the worst and IUI #2 will be second, the best!


  1. I find it truly shocking that relaxing didn't work!! I mean, SO MANY knowledgeable people recommend it! What could they possibly not be knowing, here?? Sheesh. ;) High hopes that this will be your last IUI/date with the turkey baster!

  2. Good luck! Hoping you won't have to try another option. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it'll all work out this time, and soon!

  3. All we did was relax... and take lots of fertility drugs... and pay a large sum of money... and have my eggs retrieved... and fertilize them in a petri dish... and then put them back in and take some more drugs, so I don't know why you think relaxing doesn't do the trick? :) Excited for #2 and praying for a successful bump!


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