bump #16: setbacks

Yesterday morning I went in for bloodwork. {Ouchy! It left a bruise the size of Texas on my arm} I am all too familiar with the phrase "adding insult in injury".  The tests came back negative so our first iui was officially a colossal failure. {This is my surprised face *no expression*} This is most likely due to that polyp they found a couple weeks ago.  So next Wednesday I have an appointment for a salinogram, an ultrasound in which water is used to determine the location and size of the polyp. Sometime after that I will go in for a hysteroscopy, an outpatient surgical procedure to remove the polyp. As if all of this isn't a big enough set back to Project Pregnancy, I will also be put on birth control during that time, (and am not entirely sure what the purpose of that is because after all of those painful appointments I can pretty much guarantee there is going to be no gettin' it on for a while!) In fact, going back on the pill is quite puzzling to me. I'm like let me get this straight, first I took birth control because I didn't want children and now I'm taking it because I do?  Meanwhile 3 more of my best friends from college are pregnant and all due at the same time. Peachy.  And I need to go get gifts for a double baby shower next weekend. The hits just keep on coming!

Note to self:
when I pick up my prescription for the pill remember to also pick up a packet of prozac =)


  1. Ok good news is that the hysteroscopy is really no big deal. And I, too, was confused when they put me on birth control, but that ended up being no big deal either. All that to say, I'm sorry to hear the IUI didn't work and I know how much it sucks to feel like you are being buried beneath piles of bad news. Hang in there and don't give up hope!!

    Also, make sure you have an ally at the baby shower with whom you can complain about dumb pregnant people and their stupid babies... that always helps me survive them :)

    1. haha :) Relieved to hear the hysteroscopy isn't that bad. Finally some good news!

  2. I would totally be skipping all of those baby showers. But that's just bitter old me. Sucks to be my real life friend, I guess!! :)


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