bump #53: another mother's day

And now for the obligatory infertile reflection on Mother’s Day…

I’m over it.

To be clear, I’m not over celebrating mothers. They deserve to be celebrated everyday!
What I am over are the constant reminders that I’m not a mother. Still.

But rather than whine about what a travesty that is, and it is, we are going to skip town for a couple days and go to the beach. It would be better if I actually got to spend Mother’s Day with my mom, but South Padre will have to do.

So this Mother’s Day will be spent in the sunshine with my loves {Andrew and Maddie}.
And even if I was a mom, I think that’s exactly how I’d want to spend Mother's Day.
Pics here
On a related note, please check out my friend Erika's post with a letter to new moms. 
(You can vote for her too!)
I love how she puts into words exactly what I'm feeling.
I should probably just link to her blog every time I post and save myself the energy :)


  1. Um, no you shouldn't, cause then there would be far fewer pictures of beautiful beaches and amazing shopping hauls in the world. :) But thanks for the shout-out!! And REALLY good call on heading to the beach for the weekend!! I may pop in and crash your party...wouldn't that be fun??!

  2. How about we all crash this party?!??! Because if one more person asks me for one more thing to be done for Mother's Day I'm going to SCREAM!!!

  3. I will join the party!!

    Glad you're getting away, Bren! Enjoy it :)

  4. Hope SPI goes well- not sure if you remember, but last Mother's Day (the day after our first IUI failed) Brian and I escaped for a quick drive to the coast because he claimed that something about being on the beach just puts everything into perspective- hoping the same is true for you!

  5. I feel your pain. You're going to get through this. hope you don't mind if I link one of my 'coming out' posts. I think you'll enjoy it. My friend Amy struggles with infertility too. We'll all get through this. It's good though to talk about it and get it off your shoulders. It's such a weight, but you feel somewhatish better. I still struggle with it, so I find strength through people like you and your husband.

    'Where are the Bio-Babies?'


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