bump #54: quiet

Sorry for the quiet over here. After a couple fun days at the beach (pics) we went to Boston for Andrew's lit conference and ended up touring most of New England (pics). Between all the travelling and everyday stuff we are also getting ready to move back to California at the end of the month. Blogging has temporarily taken a backseat to packing and I'm finding it hard to put a simple string of words together that have any meaning. I suppose that's normal for me, but at least I have an excuse now.

Even though it's been quiet on the blog front, I could use a whole lot more quiet in my life right now!

Lucky for me, Summer break starts this week. Sorry to my non-teacher friends, I am of the firm belief that everyone should have Summer's off. If I ever run for president that will be my platformIt will also be the undoing of this Country's economy. Not like we didn't see that coming. Life is quieting down and we have a chance to regroup and collect our thoughts. My thoughts are so scattered right now. If you saw me, I would have a blank stare on my face and sharpie marker all over my hands. Lots of packing going on, remember?

Usually times of quiet frustrate me to no end. I need finality, answers, peace, stability. I feel like God has been really quiet lately. My prayers are there and I know He hears them, but it's quiet. Not to say that He isn't answering the prayers, but His response is to quiet myself down. And here I thought the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So I am learning to welcome the quiet. Trying to embrace His peace that comes from quieting my worried heart. But it's hard for me to find comfort in quiet times, just reprieve. It mostly feels like a "calm before the storm" sort of state. Chaos is looming. Just like these last 6 months that we've taken a break from fertility treatment have been mostly nice (at least I'm nicer without being pumped full of hormones), there is still a long road ahead of us. About 1,500 miles but it works on another level too.

With Maddie's excited yipping and my mom and I singing 80's tunes blasted on my ipod at the top of our lungs, I can guarantee the drive to California will be anything but quiet.

But that kind of noise, I like.


  1. I'd totally vote for you for President :)

  2. DEFINITELY!!! Aubrey and I will be your campaign managers!!

  3. Have you ever heard the song "Waiting Room" by Shane Barnard? Your post made me think of it! Thankful that y'all are going to get a fresh start soon... hopefully that will give your ovaries a fresh start, too? :)

  4. Hooray for summers off :) Good luck with your move. I hope you can find peace in the quiet.

  5. What about LOVE, don't you want someone to care about you!!! I'm going to be singing at the top of my lungs. No peace and quiet for you on the way to Cali! Maddie will probably be singing with us. She loves music! Less than three weeks! Wohoooo! I'm gunna get me a black cowgirl hat! Yipeeeee!


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