bump #60: sunsets and salinograms

Friday date night: a sunset picnic at the beach on Coronado Island. Perfection.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to always have something to look forward to. Whether it's a vacation or a bowl of ice cream or a new lipstick, especially when you're bogged down with letdowns in the world of infertility, you need something good to happen to you in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, fertility treatments are freaking expensive so our non-existent budget for vacations has dwindled into the negative digits. Don't fret, I ate pie alamode with breakfast and got a new MAC shade so ice cream and lipstick are still going strong!  Luckily we live in a beautiful city where white sand beaches abound and it's always 75 degrees and sunny (I see those eye rolls, just know you are welcome to visit us anytime!). I am merely focusing on the positives here: our apartment feels a bit like living in a hotel room, but that only lends itself to my living-in-a-permanent-state-of-vacation fantasy. PS, the room service is terrible!

Coronado Island is this swanky little beach town that Andrew would always take me to in college. We could never afford to live there, but it's one of our favorite spots in San Diego because the second your feet hit the sand you are instantly transported to that carefree vacation place and, for a minute at least, you're distracted by all the beauty and goodness around you. Also, you're shaking your head at those two idiots who are crazy enough to get in the freezing ocean. They really must be on vacation.

My point is, I needed that beautiful sunset. I needed the reminder of a chapter closing and a fresh start and light in the darkness and something better to look forward to. We took a year and a half break from fertility treatment because it was awful and got us nowhere. It only makes sense that I am reluctant to jump back into all of that. But our options are limited and we want a family more than we're afraid of failure and heartache.

So here we go again.

Thursday morning, well 11 a.m. because I am not going to waste sleeping in on a sick day, Andrew and I had our initial consultation at the San Diego Fertility Center. Everything went as well as can be expected. The doctor was wonderful, and she said we could take whatever course of action we are comfortable with. After discussing our 3 failed IUI's, she made the obvious case for IVF, which we've been anticipating for the last year and a half anyway. IUI's have a 17 percent success rate, at best, while IVF has a 50-60% success rate. In 4 years of trying, we have gotten pregnant zero times. The problem is, for whatever reason, the egg and sperm are not combining or the embryo is just not attaching. We still don't really know what the specific problem is, so we are completing a lot of the procedures we have already done again.

I was hoping to "fast pass" through all that, but no such luck. The only thing I don't have to do again is the HSG because my fallopian tubes should still be open. That's a relief because I hated that day!

So far, I had a day 4 ultrasound revealing 17 follicles, I gave 6 vials of blood for labwork, Andrew is scheduled for another semen analysis (I always giggle when they hand us the paper bag at the end of our appointment. I'm mature like that.), and Tuesday I have a saline-hysterogram to be sure my fibroid/polyp hasn't come back. The plan is to finish up this school year and start IVF in July. {Currently googling "how to save $25,000 in 4 months"} A miracle pregnancy is still totally welcome :)

11 years ago, when Andrew and I had our first Coronado Island date, we talked about someday getting married and starting a family. Here we are still trying to figure out the family part. I had hoped that by now, we'd be bringing our kids to play at that beach. We'd bring Maddie, but the beach isn't dog friendly. Jerks. Why you gotta add insult to injury?!


  1. Oh, good luck! If you figure out the "saving $25000 in 4 months thing," let us know. I have noticed that people always seem to find the money when needed, though, so I am hopeful for you! Beautiful pictures of you at the beach...here's to adding a little 3rd soon!

  2. I have to say that I'm excited for you to begin treatment again - even though I'd be way more excited for you for a miracle pregnancy before then :). Thinking of and praying for you!! XOXO

  3. July is sooooo soon! I'm so excited for you Bren! And please let me know if you figure out that 25,000 in four months thing... I could really use your insight!

  4. Ugh, hopping back on the crazy train??! :) Don't blame you. And I hope you find the secret to saving $25k (and share it all with us) (the money OR the secret...either is good!). In the meantime...I think I need a date to Coronado beach! That looks SO pretty!

  5. Not dog friendly?! How dare they! LoL. You are brave ... Blessings to you at your new clinic.

  6. Have you thought about robbing a bank? I hear that's a quick way to get some cash and it would definitely be a fun story to share with your future petri dish baby(its), don't you think? :)

    In all seriousness, continuing to pray for you and this long-but-well-worth-it journey!!


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