bump #107: 37 weeks

And the super fancy mirror selfie:

It turns out it's true what they say; 2nd pregnancy and 2nd child's baby book are way less documented than the first. I have folders on my terabyte labeled "Oliver 3 weeks and 2 days morning session" and "Brenda 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant at the beach". Now I have folders labeled "February - March 2016" with 2 thousand unorganized pictures just sitting there.

That said, I have relished every moment of these last 37 weeks and once I figure out how to upload photos from my cell phone and just what the heck this "one drive" system is on my computer, there may even be a couple pictures to share.

In the meantime, here's a couple I found on Facebook...

Moving on... Everett is still breech and still scheduled to come out via c-section on Thursday, April 21st. The countdown is on!  This week I've full on embraced "nesting mode" and spent 3 hours deep cleaning the kitchen. I invested in Norwex natural cleaning products, but they haven't arrived yet, so I used good old hazardous, toxic chemicals and did my best not to breathe them in. I had good intentions of being health conscious, but that grout wasn't coming clean with water and coconut oil.

OK, so it wasn't that "radiantly" clean, but I feel alright eating food that comes out of this kitchen now.
I sadly took down *almost all of the "Fun to be One" Oliver Birthday decorations.
And I turned the nursery and spare room into guest rooms for all the family we have 
coming to help us out the first few weeks as a family of 4.

Eventually I'll put the 2 cribs back in the nursery, but sleep training is a big fat bust, so there's really no rush!

We've had some fun weekends at the beach and the lake and the zoo...

Lots of walking! Andrew teases me that I'm gonna "drop a shorty" if I don't slow down :)

So there have been lots of naps too.

Mostly for Ollie...

The last 37 weeks have flown by and I know the next few are going to be a blur, but I honestly say to Andrew every single day "Can you believe it?! We're having another baby?! How did we get so lucky?!"  And there is of course, that part of me that knows we're in for double the diapers, double the daycare expense, double the sleepless nights, and so on. But there's a bigger part that remembers the years of pain and struggle of infertility. If you told me 2 years ago, even 1 year ago that we would be where we are right now, I never would have believed it. All that to say thank God for taking our messy circumstances and turning them into beautiful miracles. I will never forget the pain of longing for our family, but I will also never forget the incredible joy that comes from being momma to my boys. They are worth every tear we cried and every year that we waited.


  1. You look amazing! How are you still wearing heels? Lol can't wait to meet the new boy addition.

  2. Still just the absolute craziest thing that you're about to give birth AGAIN! You look beautiful, sweet friend!


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