Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Welcome Baby Everett

 On Thursday, April 21, we welcomed our sweet baby boy, Everett Michael into the world!
Everything about his birth went perfectly and he is just the most mellow, precious little guy.

This last week has been one of those "best of times, worst of times" weeks with the absolute highest of high moments like Everett making his grand debut, and the absolute lowest of low moments like Tuesday night (one week ago today) when my amazing Grandma Charlene went home to heaven. I've had waves of emotion washing over me and can't catch my breath sobs mixed in with tears of joy. Her memorial was yesterday and I couldn't go (physically impossible as we just got released from the hospital Sunday night and the service was 300 miles away.) I am so heartbroken! I know my hormones are out of wack after being pregnant for essentially two or three years in a row, but my poor heart has had all the feels that it can handle. My grandma was my favorite person in the world and I cannot imagine this life without her. I am just so grateful for the times I had with her and I see so much of her sweet spirit in my baby boys. 

This is a picture of Grama and Oliver. Oh how she loved my boys! 

This is one of the last messages she sent me on facebook last week 
(Grama was super up on the trends!)

Grandma even sent Everett a card before she passed away. Such a treasure!

A dear friend told me that when someone so very special goes on to heaven, God always sends a new life to bring healing (or something like that; my brain is mush and my eyes are blurry from crying). So we are rejoicing for a life well lived and a new life beginning. But oh how I miss my grandma!

Focusing on the good times... let's take a look back at the days leading up to Everett's birth...

 39 weeks pregnant... like WHOA! Balboa Park, downtown San Diego.

I may or may not have gained 35 pounds. (That's in addition to the 15 or so pounds I was still hanging onto after Oliver's birth).  I just loved being pregnant! And the beauty of it is, I STILL look 9 months pregnant today because I did such a good job being pregnant :) Obviously being pregnant means eating ALL THE THINGS!!!

Here are our last pictures as a family of 3 the day before Everett was born.

 Everett got Oliver big brother presents. He was more impressed with the tissue wrap. Typical!

Ollie prays for baby brother to come out safely.

7 am on April 21... Everett's ZERO birthday!
 Checking into the hospital
This wasn't my first rodeo (or c section) so this time I came prepared and bought my own much more stylish hospital gown so I could tell the difference in pictures of Oliver and Everett's birth. Totally worth the $19.99 on amazon. Add it to your "must have" list for delivery. They make even cuter ones with matching pillow cases, but I'm on a budget. Hello two in diapers at the same time :)

Everything went smooth in surgery. I dare say it was pain free, just a little pressure and some tugging... felt like a monkey swinging on a vine up in there. Must have been my intestines or some other vital organ! Anyway, it was over super quick, some invisible glue to bind me up, and we were off to the recovery room in no time. And for those of you keeping track, I can proudly say I am still vomit free since '93. Woot Woot!

Everett's (slightly graphic) birth video here

Everett looks a lot like Oliver, but is a little more serious with his expressions.

 Oliver was never interested in a pacifier... until he saw Everett with one. And so it begins! Also, whoever says not to give a newborn a pacifier is right. Totally messed up his ability to nurse, but we're back on track today. Oops. Guess I still have  A LOT to learn even though this is baby #2. Also, whoever says 2 babies is just 2 babies is wrong. It's exponential, meaning 2 is 4. There are not enough arms! 
Thank you to ALL of our fabulous friends who came to visit us in the hospital. Crazy coincidence: We were in the same recovery room (#37) with Everett as we were with Oliver. And had a lot of the same nurses too! Total Deja Vu.

And here's my snuggly little sleeper now...

My mother and father in law have been so kind to stay with us since Wednesday to help with Oliver as Andrew went back to work yesterday and my parents are coming down tonight and staying a couple weeks. We are so lucky to have family helping us out! Bummed they live so far away. Ever-Bear is sleeping now and you know what they say - "sleep when baby sleeps" so I'm going to take my 2:00 percocet and take a nap :)

Thank you for all the sweet messages! 

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  1. I was wondering how you were holding up with the loss of your grandmother so close to the birth. Talk about emotion overload. I have another IF friend who lost her grandmother the day she gave birth to her first child, so your story about taking one loved one to heaven to send a new one rings true there too. And how PRECIOUS that she had already mailed the card. What a beautiful keepsake. Thinking of you as you process 10,000 feelings and deal with all of those hormones. Be good to yourself.