bump #4: $$$$

It goes without saying that if you cannot conceive a child naturally, there are going to be some astronomical expenses involved.  I am now acutely aware of this fact.  And of course my insurance conveniently doesn't cover any of it.

We have just barely began the alternate/medical journey to pregnancy and still don't even know exactly what the problem is, which is very discouraging.  The solution: pay more money to take more tests to get some idea of what medicines to take to increase the chances of conception. In all honesty, I prefer the Frank Jr. (of Friends) method who insightfully remarked, "How 'bout you get drunk, that worked for a bunch of girls at my highschool!" Yeah, I could definitely afford a six pack sooner than a round of IVF :)

The toughest part of this stage in the game is that there are are still so many unknowns.

My consultation appointment and ultrasound ($400) were unrevealing.

The HSG x-rays ($300) showed everything as normal, with the exception of an arcuate uterus, which is fairly common and not medically significant.

Next up is the Fertility Panel ($1,000) consisting of blood work to test for anything in my blood that could affect my fertility from diseases to anti-bodies. And I thought having a strong immune system was a plus! Turns out it could also be another obstacle to getting pregnant.

After that is probably a round of anti-biotics, fermara (ovulation inducing medicine - $100), and then an IUI (intrauterine insemination -$1,000) If that doesn't work after a few cycles, then the doctors will suggest IVF ($25,000) which we have decided is not an option for us at this point, and so we will go home baby-less and more depressed.

So no guarantee of a baby, and thousands of dollars down the drain.

On the plus side, I am not currently with child, so
I could drink a six pack of shiner bock if I wanted to!

I have been frequenting the interwebs and stumbled upon a few other gals in similar situations as mine. The fabulous Erika's blog has a particularly humorous yet accurate depiction of precisely what we are going through. It is comforting to know that we are not the only ones.