bump #14: distractions

**This bump is my favorite**
and completely necessary if you find yourself struggling to get pregnant.

Distractions sometimes get a bad rap. 

I always tell my students not to be a distraction in class and bla bla bla.
I'm almost positive all they hear is the bla bla bla part.

I'm here to tell you that 
distractions can be absolutely awesome!

Everyone could use a distraction sometimes.

Something to take your mind off silly things like, I don't know, HSG, HCG, LH, and other abbreviations for words I shouldn't know.

Distractions don't obliterate those things, but they make them a little easier to handle.

Case and point... vacation.

Vacation is a lovely distraction, it transplants you from problems to paradise.

Bonus: There is no pee stick ruining your life in paradise.

And so next week will be a beautiful distraction.

I will be living it up in Cabo San Lucas with my mom and the girls.

There will be:
umbrella drinks (non alcoholic, just in case :)
white sand beaches with crystal clear water and tropical fish
and all the yummy mexican food I can eat, which is A LOT!!!

There will not be:
appointments at the fertility center
ovulation predictor kits
or nervous breakdowns

The Go Go's said it best: "Vacation's all I ever wanted!"
Well vacation and a baby, but I'll start with the vacation for now.


  1. WOOHOO!!!! That sounds amazing!! I hope you will take a break from all your relaxing and post a pic or 2 so that we can all jealously admire your relaxation!

  2. Ahhh I am jealous! Our 5-year anniversary is in August and our plans for a vacation are currently on hold depending whatever is next in the land of infertility... boo :(


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