bump #15: BFN

The big fat negative I got on a preliminary pregnancy test wasn’t as upsetting as I expected it to be. Probably because I just got back from an awesome week in Cabo {see pictures HERE}

There’s definitely something to be said for keeping busy to take your mind off things. No time to get bummed out about baby-making May and iui #1 being a flop. Now we’re off to spend the weekend in Austin with some friends… other married couples who don’t have kids. My peeps J


  1. Sorry to hear this- I prayed for you just yesterday! But glad to hear you enjoyed your trip and I hope you have a good time in Austin- we're there right now as well, but it's def not baby free for us!

  2. Awww girl, I am so sorry. :( looks like may was a sucky month for baby-making. Boo. Glad you had fun in Cabo, though! Going to go check out your pics!


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